The ear  is in charge of capturing and perceiving all the sounds that surround us. It is a delicate and sensitive organ that we must take care of to improve our quality of life. Protecting it from elements and possible external aggressions will help us improve our  hearing health .

For a good  hearing , just follow  these 10 simple tips  and perform the usual reviews recommended by specialists to fully enjoy the sense of hearing.

  •     Protect yourself from  loud sounds like bumps, traffic or tires that squeak . Try also to get away from other strident sounds in your environment such as works on the street or speakers in a concert.
  •     Use  headphones or headphones  at an adequate volume. Always below 60% of its volume, checking that it allows you to hear the sounds that are produced around you. And try not to abuse this practice for a long time because it is not recommended for your ears.
  •     Turn down the  volume of television ,  radio and sound equipment  or music players. Your ears will thank you.
  •     Use  plugs or sound-insulating helmets  if you work with loud noises. These hearing protection products will help our hearing is not damaged by sounds too intense.
  •     Keep your  ears clean by  washing and drying them during your personal hygiene, but remember that some wax is necessary to maintain the balance of the ear and protect it from possible infections.
  •     Dry your ears well after  showering or bathing at home or in the pool. It is an essential practice to avoid moisture in the ear canal and possible fungal infections.
  •     Avoid introducing  foreign objects into your ear canal , also the swabs as they are not recommended for cleaning our ears. Its use can cause irreversible damage related to hearing loss.
  •     Take special care of your ears in  colds, infections or allergies . Your doctor or specialist can advise the most appropriate treatment for each case.
  •     Do not apply  drops or home remedies to your ear  without prior consultation with a specialist. If you notice a blocked ear or loss of hearing, go directly to the doctor to treat the problem.
  •     Limit your time in  noisy environments and spaces . Try to alternate your noisiest activities with periods of calm. With this little exercise, your hearing will see an improvement.

The ear is a very developed and complex organ that allows us to perceive sounds and also gives us the  sense of balance. Each of its parts requires special care that can be done with these simple steps and protection. We only have two ears, so we must take care of them with the greatest possible attention, as life expectancy is increasing.

If we are aware of the importance of our hearing, it will not be difficult for us to put these simple tips into practice. It is very important to have a routine in the care and daily cleaning of our ears from an early age, to avoid possible  hearing problems .

Both hearing care and  periodic check-ups  are the best form of prevention.

Having good health and correct hearing helps us perceive every sound in our environment. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out these small daily routines and follow these simple tips. Thus, it will be very easy to appreciate those moments of happiness such as listening to our favorite song or enjoying a good movie on the television.

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