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Earlogic is a Korean company headquartered in Panama for Latin America, dedicated to making unremitting efforts to lead the 21st century the science of hearing and its recovery.

Our primary objective is the development of new products and technology used for diagnosis and treatment of problems of modern man’s hearing.
We dedicate our efforts to provide the best solution to your hearing problem.


Our technology

Tinnitus assessment

TINNITUSLESS The latest advances in technology for the highly specialized diagnosis of tinnitus.

Tinnitus treatment

Therapeutic use of sound conditioning stimulation principle`s, used with the purpose of generating modifications in the physiological configuration of tinnitus.

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Tinnitus and hearing loss closely related

Tinnitus and hearing loss closely related

Medical research in recent years has revealed that those who suffer from tinnitus also have some type of hearing loss. A hearing loss can manifest itself in different ways and in a different frequency range. For some, this hearing loss may be small or affect only a...

10 Tips for good hearing health

10 Tips for good hearing health

The ear  is in charge of capturing and perceiving all the sounds that surround us. It is a delicate and sensitive organ that we must take care of to improve our quality of life. Protecting it from elements and possible external aggressions will help us improve...

Tinnitus is worse at night

Tinnitus is worse at night

In the tranquility of the room, the constant ringing or buzzing of the ears can be especially irritating, even depriving us of being able to rest at night. However, we can follow certain guidelines that will help us sleep better despite having tinnitus. A report on...



The Acufeno or Tinnitus is an auditory symptom that consists in the perception of a sound (whistling, clicking, humming, noise, among others) without an external sound source that originates it.
According to the most recent investigations, tinnitus corresponds to an alteration in the functioning of the peripheral and central auditory system, it can be perceived in one or in both ears and / or in the head.

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Hearing Loss

What is the cause of the hearing loss?

Hearing loss can occur suddenly or gradually. Sometimes there is an underlying medical reason, but in most cases, it is simply related to age or the result of exposure to sudden loud noises or for long periods of time.

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Earlogic committed to the constant training of its collaborators in order to contribute to their professional development, granted the workshop tsc reve 134 dictated by ph.d sam kwak in the month of April.

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